What Does an All Inclusive Vacation Mean?

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What Does an All Inclusive Vacation Mean?

While you can save a lot of money booking all inclusive vacations, it’s important to know exactly what “all inclusive” includes. Here are a couple of tips on determining if all inclusive vacations are for you.

Food & Drink: All inclusive vacations are a perfect fit for vacationers who’d rather not worry about where they’re going to find their next meal and simply let the resort provide. If you’re not picky about your food, this can be a great money saving option – but if you are picky and are interested in trying a variety of restaurants, you may want to weigh your options. Many all inclusive vacations also include alcoholic beverages, but it’s important to read the fine print so you don’t reach your max after your second glass of wine.

Activities: Activities can cover a broad range of things, from snorkeling lessons to entertainment. However, you may also find many more high-end activities that aren’t included, like jet skiing. Depending on the details of your vacation package, you may find you have to pay extra for these types of activities.

In the end, it’s important to read the fine print. Many resorts offer different levels of all inclusive vacation packages, which will have an impact on their overall price tag. But in the long run, all inclusive vacations have the potential to save you considerably.



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