Flying to the Cayman Islands

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What are some travel tips for my Cayman Island vacation?

Flying to the Cayman Islands

You may be asking, “If I want to stay in Cayman Brac or on Little Cayman, how the heck do I get there?” The Cayman Islands are served by a variety of airlines, most of which fly to Grand Cayman via Miami. Cayman Brac is served by Cayman Airways and Island Air while Little Cayman island is only served by Island Airways because they have a grass runway that can only support smaller planes. You can fly direct to Cayman Brac from Miami however, if you are staying on Little Cayman, you will have a layover on the big island.

Like Barbados, the Cayman Islands charge an airport departure and arrival fee but it should have been included in your ticket. Make sure you check your itinerary and don't get swindled out of an additional $25.00 or $50.00 dollars!

If you are American, you won't need a passport for your Cayman Islands vacation, but you may want to bring it just in case. As with all identification documents, make sure you carry it somewhere safe and maintain its security at all times.



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