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What should I plan to do on my Dominican Republic vacations?

What to do in the Dominican Republic

There are literally hundreds of activities for you to do on your Dominican Republic vacations. If you are a sports fan, and travel during the season, you can take in a baseball game and catch some of the young, hot stars that eventually find their way into the MLB.

Into beaches? You are in luck. The Dominican Republic has some of the finest beaches in the world, including Playa Grande. For nature lovers, the National Botanical Garden will wow your senses with colors and smells of sweet flowers native to the Dominican Republic.

*There's no lack of things to do, the only problem is choosing what to do with your limited time in this Caribbean island nation.

Where is the Dominican Republic located?

Quick Caribbean Geography: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic shares a border with Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic occupies about 2/3 of the island and occupies nearly 48,000 square kilometers.

Located to the east of Cuba and the west of Puerto Rico, 'The Dominican' (as it is sometimes called) is one of the largest Caribbean nations and has primary industries of tourism, sugar refining, gold mining and tobacco production.

Where are the best Dominican Republic hotels located on the island?

Choosing the Right Hotel for your Dominican Stay

While you can find great Dominican Republic hotels all over the island, some of the towns that are packed with great places to stay are:

• Puerto Plata
• Santo Domingo
• Higuey
• San Pedro de Macorix

Don't just consider a hotel, however, the Dominican Republic resorts are some of the finest in the world, providing excellent service and amenities that will make your Dominican Republic travel stay both luxurious and exciting. Also, the Dominican Republic has several local beach inns to give a great flavor of the country's natural beauty and friendly residents.

Are there any Dominican Republic travel advisories I should watch for?

How to Find Travel Advisories

Dominican Republic travel is relatively safe and friendly to Americans, as is most of the Caribbean. Just to be safe, there is nothing more comforting than seeing no issues in the travel advisories issued worldwide.

Finding travel advisories is easy online. Go to and click on Travel Advisories to make sure your trip will be safe.

How many Dominican Republic resorts are available?

Eat, Play, & Relax All in One Place

Dominican Republic resorts comprise about 10-15% of the island's places to stay. These resorts will include more amenities and things to do than traditional Dominican Republic hotels including fine dining, spa treatments and incredible casinos.

While some resorts will charge ala-carte fees, often they include packages that will allow you to enjoy some or all of the resort's entertainment as an included bonus. Be sure to check out several of the resorts for your Dominican Republic vacations and get the resort that has the features you and your family are looking to enjoy.


Looking for a Party?

The Dominican Republic boasts of two Carnivals and several other celebrations throughout the year.

There are two large Carnivals in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. One is a pre-lent festival, held in mid February. There are parades, costume contests and mostly a raucous good time. The second major Carnival is in August and is somewhat more sedate (probably because of the heat)!

If you are planning a Dominican Republic family vacation, coming during festival might not be your best bet. If you want to experience some incredible local culture that combines the influences of Africa and Catholocism (as well as a lot of rum) then Carnival time is the time of year for you!

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