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When should I plan my mexico vacation?

When To Travel South of the Border

Most of us know about the hurrican season in the Caribbean Islands, but when is the best time to travel to Mexico which isn't necessarily subject to the same issues?

Most people enjoy Mexico the most between late September through late April(Don't forget that the February through March timeframe is the favorite of Spring Breakers). Inland Mexico does have cold weather as well, which is something to consider if you travel in the winter months. You may want to avoid the resorts in August since that is a very popular time for European tourists to travel and the resorts a much busier.

Think about the climate you enjoy the most before you choose your destination and your timeframe when you plan your Mexico vacation. The coast is hot and humid and perfect for beach goers while the higher elevations inland are more arid.

What are some of the major tourist destinations in Mexico?

What to See in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country filled with a full gamut of things to do. When planning Mexico vacations, it is important to remember that this is no tiny Caribbean island you can see in a day or two- Mexico is HUGE.

First, decide on what kinds of things you are looking to do. If you are an archaeology buff, chances are you'll spend your time in a totally different spot than a scuba fan. Here are a few options:

• Some popular Mexico beach destinations include Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, or Isla Mujeres
• If you're into the city, Mexico City is the number one destination and offers ample shopping
• Architecture and history buffs love visiting the ruins at Cozumel or the beauty of Guadalajara and Hermosillo

It all comes down to your pre-planning and desires, so make sure to map out exactly what your interests are and THEN pick your destination.

How can I best plan my Mexico vacations on a low budget?

Going South of the Border for Cheap

Just because you are looking to save a few bucks doesn't mean you can't enjoy Mexico vacations. In fact, students can often visit Mexico and stay in Hostels for cheaper than American or European youth hostels and still have a banner time.

When you travel Mexico, you'll find prices are relatively cheap compared to most of the other top tourist destinations around the world due to the high exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Mexican Peso. By picking a three star hotel instead of a four star, you can often save 20-30% of your costs.

*One thing you should not cut from your budget, however, is bottled water costs. If you do, the price you pay in Mexico physically will be much greater than you can possibly imagine.

Which Acapulco, Mexico hotels are best rated?

A Good Look at the Stars in Acapulco…Five Stars, That is

When traveling in Acapulco and looking for high-rated Mexico hotels, the 'Golden Zone' is the place to be. In this area of affluence, you'll find some of the most luxurious hotels in Mexico. Some hotels to consider if you are looking for those lush accommodations are the all-inclusive Avalon Excalibur Acapulco and the Hyatt Regency Acapulco.

The Avalon Excalibur offers some of the finest amenities for your Mexico vacation; including laundry service, full-service restaurants and bars, and even on-site medical staff (should you need them).

The Hyatt, a AAA four diamond-rated hotel, offers professional spa, fitness center, beautiful pools, on-site shopping and fine dining. While you will pay more for these Mexico hotels, you will definitely get your money's worth in luxurious settings and service.

What are some romantic ideas for my Mexico vacation?

Rekindling that Flame in Mexico

Love is in the air, especially on your Mexico vacation. If you are looking to take that special someone for an exciting and romantic Mexico getaway, a beach destination is almost always in the cards. Consider going off the beaten path to get a more secluded destination such as Ixtapa and Zihuatenjo; two of Mexico's most beautiful, unspoiled beaches.

Romantic dinners overlooking a breathtaking Mexico sunset are available at Los Cabos in Baja California. Of course, any romantic recommendation would be remiss without the mention of beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Located on Mexico's mainland, Puerto Vallarta has a wonderful mix of beach and city with a mix of practically anything you can think of—from candlelight dinners on the beach to quiet strolls in the artist's district and even a Mariacci band or two.

Do I need my passport to travel Mexico?

Your Passport to Fun…Where You'll Need it

If you plan to travel Mexico, you should take the necessary steps to ensure you have proper identification. As with most foreign travel, it's a good idea to bring along your US Passport.

While Mexico will allow you to travel with as little as a voter registration card, your Passport serves as an undeniable proof of US Citizenship and identification. With it, you can enter US Consulates and Embassies if that need should arise for you. Other forms of identification that will get you across the border are:

• A birth certificate
• Naturalization papers
• US issued Green card
• Alien Resident Cards
• Notarized citizenship documentation

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