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Where are the best Jamaican beaches located?

Beachin! A Quick Look at Jamaica Vacation Beaches

As the third largest island in the Caribbean, your Jamaica vacation may not allow you to see everything. With that comes well over 200 miles of beaches. So where should you spend your time?

• The West side of the island offers a powder-white beach with beautiful sunsets and Jamaica hotels
• Negril is a peaceful place, with beautiful views of the ocean
• If you're looking for fun, Mentego Bay beaches are probably more your speed

In general, you can not go wrong with your choice of Jamaica's beaches.

What is there to do in Jamaica?

Adventure Travelers Welcome

Jamaica boasts amazing scenery which is perfect for hiking, mountain biking (for the truly intrepid) and spelunking, or caving to the uninitiated.

Jamaica's highest point is the Blue Mountain Peak at 7,402 feet. To get to the summit, you may have to start before sunrise and bring a flashlight for the 7 mile hike to the top. Once at the peak, the work will be worth it though, since on a clear day you can see Cuba in the distance.

If you are into caving, or just want to check the sport out, there are several caves designed for tourists and beginners. There are, of course, those that are reserved for true spelunkers who will enjoy being able to rappel and explore the depths of the over 1000 caves throughout Jamaica.

Finally, there is a company in Negril that offers Bike tours all over the island. They have off road trails for beginners and more experienced extreme riders. You can even ride off a cliff and into the water (with your rented bike!) if you want the thrill of a lifetime.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast there is no lack of options in Jamaica. Just make sure you choose a reputable touring company and keep yourself safe.

*It is best to travel with a buddy at the very least, but consider that most companies that lead these adventure tours will keep you secure and make sure you have a great time, no matter your level of expertise.

What can I expect from my Jamaica hotel service?

Where (and Where Not) to Stay in Jamaica

The old saying 'You get what you pay for' holds true for Jamaica hotel stays. Jamaica can be a dangerous place, so it is best to go with a name you recognize and a place that is a popular tourist vacation area.

With hotels along the beach line of Negril or Ocho Rios, you are sure to enjoy yourself. Avoid hotels closer inland or in city capitals such as Kingston. Expect to pay about $140 per night for a safe & fun trip.

How much should I expect to pay for my Jamaica vacation package?

Jamaica Vacation Package Deals on the Cheap

Jamaica vacation package deals can range in price from cheap ($400 for 4 days) to thousands of dollars.

First, understand that on your Jamaica vacation, you will get what you pay for. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. A good gauge with airfare and hotel accommodations is $140 per person, per night for a minimum 4 nights and your trip will be perfect!

Is Sandals a good Jamaica resort?

Sandals Resort: One of the Caribbean's Finest

Sandals operates several Jamaica resort locations:

• Montego Bay
• Royal Caribbean
• Sandals Inn
• Grande Ocho Rios
• Dunn's River
• Negril
• Sandals Whitehouse

Sandals has built a reputation as being one of the premiere Jamaica hotels. Their all-inclusive packages can be tailored to include golf, spa treatments, and so much more. Best of all, you know exactly how much your vacation will cost in total before you leave.

*Shopping, of course, is not included in your Jamaica package deal. :)

When is the best time of year to visit Jamaica?

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall: When to Take Your Jamaican Vacation

There is no bad time to visit Jamaica. With it's awesome, temperate, year-round climate, your Jamaica vacation is sure to be wonderful.

Some people tend to shy away from Caribbean vacations during hurricane season. And, most cruise lines will not visit areas that are in danger of bad weather, and US Citizens would be evacuated well before a storm hit. Outside those fears, plan your Jamaica vacation whenever your vacation allows you.

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