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What water sports are available in the Cayman Islands?

Stay in the Water: Water Activities in the Caymans

The Cayman Islands are comprised of three main islands:

• Grand Cayman
• Cayman Brac
• Little Cayman

One of the main tourist draws for the Caymans is its world-renowned diving on some of the most well-preserved coral reefs. However, the water sports don't end there. The Caymans offer everything from windsurfing, water skiing, and sailing to banana boat rides.

These islands even offer submarine tours of the area, with each mini-sub taking anywhere from 30-45 passengers for an underwater exploration of the islands richest treasure: its underwater marine life. With this, you can enjoy all the beauty of the Cayman Islands undersea adventure without even getting wet!

What are some travel tips for my Cayman Island vacation?

Flying to the Cayman Islands

You may be asking, “If I want to stay in Cayman Brac or on Little Cayman, how the heck do I get there?” The Cayman Islands are served by a variety of airlines, most of which fly to Grand Cayman via Miami. Cayman Brac is served by Cayman Airways and Island Air while Little Cayman island is only served by Island Airways because they have a grass runway that can only support smaller planes. You can fly direct to Cayman Brac from Miami however, if you are staying on Little Cayman, you will have a layover on the big island.

Like Barbados, the Cayman Islands charge an airport departure and arrival fee but it should have been included in your ticket. Make sure you check your itinerary and don't get swindled out of an additional $25.00 or $50.00 dollars!

If you are American, you won't need a passport for your Cayman Islands vacation, but you may want to bring it just in case. As with all identification documents, make sure you carry it somewhere safe and maintain its security at all times.

How can I keep my cairbbean fa,ily vacation inexpensive?

Cayman Islands for Family and For Cheap!

One great way to maximize the fun of your Caribbean family vacation is to plan it around any local island or town festivals. In many cases you will have a lot of fun and *free* activities to enjoy—and many of them are specifically designed to be kid friendly.

In the Cayman Islands, you can take advantage of Pirate Week which includes fireworks, parades, song contests and even a mock pirate invasion! The Cayman Islands usually hold this festival in the fall—sometimes it even coincides with Columbus Day weekend so pack your bags, bring the kids, and join the fun! Arrrrrr, Matey!

I want to shop on my Cayman Island vacation. Will I find good shopping?

Shop Till You Drop in Grand Cayman

On your Cayman Island vacation, you may find that your wallet doesn't shrink as quickly as it does when you shop in the states. Thanks to duty-free shopping, visitors can take advantage of great prices and save even more by not having to pay any customs fees when they come back into the US.

The Cayman Islands offer duty-free shopping on everything from jewelry to perfumes to china and crystal—and tourists can expect to save up to 30% on most expensive luxury items. This is the perfect place to buy that engagement ring you've been thinking of for that someone special and, with surroundings as beautiful as these, it's also the best place to pop the question once you've purchased it.

What are some good Cayman Island hotels on the beach?

Beachin', Dude…Cayman's Best Beach Hotels

Seven Miles Beach, located on Grand Cayman, offers some of the best Cayman Island hotels available. If you are looking for names you recognize, check out the Wyndham or Marriott beach hotels (these hotels will range from $200 per night up, but offer the quality accommodations that most visitors expect from their US venue counterparts).

Just because you have not heard of the name, however, doesn't mean that you won't have the time of your life at the Cayman Islands. Since tourism is the major economic income of the islands, each beach hotel prides itself on its quality and service. Even staying at the Comfort Inn Suites on Seven Miles Beach for $160 per night, you can guarantee access to the beaches and diving that make the Cayman Islands famous.

Whether on a budget or living large, your Cayman Islands vacation will be one that you'll tell your grandkids about someday...just take enough pictures to show you're not embellishing the island's beauty.

What is an affordable Cayman Islands resort that has a good rating?

Affordable Resort Stays in the Cayman Islands

If you're looking for a quality Cayman Islands resort at a moderate price, seek out some of the lesser-known names. Locally operated inns and resorts are plentiful through the Cayman Islands three island destinations and the service levels are on par with the finest destinations in the world.

One highly-rated, low-priced resort is the Divi Tara beach resort. Located at Stake Bay on Cayman Brac, this resort caters to scuba divers and offers a five-star dive shop on-site. Each of the hotel's 71 rooms has a private balcony or patio and the Cayman Islands hotel's offers include internet access so you can send photos of your vacation back home to your envious friends and relatives.

How can I explore Grand Cayman without spending a ton of money?

Exploring on the Cheap

One of the best things about Grand Cayman Island is that it isn't that big, and there are ways of exploring the island without spending unnecessary money on rental cars, mopeds, or guided expeditions.

Grab a map from your concierge and rent a bike. Bring a back pack with a few bottles of water, and some light snacks. They do have inexpensive and fast food around, so don't worry too much about needing a whole picnic on your expedition. Also, don't forget your snorkeling gear and a towel (wear your suit under your clothes, or just wear your suit).

Ride out on the road next to Seven Mile beach and follow the well-marked maps to some gorgeous public beaches. In several instances there are even coral reefs close to shore, so you can get in some quality snorkeling without spending a ton of money on those boating expeditions!

Another benefit to your intrepid nature will be that most of the beaches away from Seven Mile are quiet and almost deserted. In this case, it is good to have a buddy along with you, but you will love the serenity this kind of small adventure can afford you during your Cayman Islands vacation.

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