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What towns should I visit in Puerto Rico?

Top Towns To See In Puerto Rico

Depending on how you would like to spend your time, the choice of cities to visit in Puerto Rico changes:

• If you are interested in nature and the natural splendor of Puerto Rico, you should consider Guanica
• If you are more into night life, San Juan and is probably more your speed
• For water activities, you should look into beach towns such as Cabo Rojo, Rincon, and Isabela

*No matter which town you choose, there is always something beautiful and interesting to do in your Puerto Rico travel.

How can I entertain my kids when I travel?

Taking the Kids to Puerto Rico

If you are taking the kids on your Puerto Rico vacation, make sure you bring a bag of goodies to entertain them. The long security lines and potential lay over down time, not to mention the time actually on the plane can be a complete pain if your kids get bored and impatient.

Babies are pretty easy, of course, you can just bring rattles, mirrors, or any of those awesome stuffed animals that have about a million things to pull, crinkle, and chew on.

Toddlers can be a bit more of a challenge, but just treat it as a *fun* challenge. Board and pop up books, color forms, magnetic puzzle,s and crayons and paper are all good ideas.

As your kids get older, you can get more and more advanced books and then activity books like simple crosswords or word finders.

If you want to make life super easy, try and book a flight on one of those airlines that has individual TV on every seat. You can watch cartoon network together, or a family movie and at least kill a little time—maybe even get your little one to sleep!

Are there good Puerto Rico vacation packages available?

Finding the Best Vacation Packages

If you are looking to purchase a ticket, a hotel, and separate excursions for your Puerto Rico vacation, you will probably spend more than if you purchase a vacation package.

Packages will tie up most of your expenses for your Puerto Rico travel into one bill, with a discount for purchasing everything together. Online travel agencies and discount vacation websites often post discounted packages, and your prices will vary depending on the time of year you choose to travel.

Do all San Juan hotel chains have a casino?

Hotel Amenities in San Juan

When choosing your San Juan hotel, be sure to check the hotel amenities to make sure everything you want will be there. It's a horrible surprise when you pick a hotel and expect to have a swimming pool and casino, only to find one of them is missing.

You will get what you pay for in Puerto Rico, and if you want quality stick with names you recognize for your Puerto Rico hotels. Names such as Marriott, Embassy Suites, and Intercontinental have large presence in Puerto Rico. Going to their company websites will usually help you drill-down on the features you are looking for and make sure that your only surprises are good ones.

What Puerto Rico hotels are best rated?

Cream of the Crop: Best Puerto Rico Hotels

One of the finest Puerto Rico hotels, as well as around the world, is the Wyndham hotel. When traveling in Puerto Rico, from San Juan to Martineau Bay, Wyndham will offer five-star luxury. This luxury does not come cheap, however.

Average stays for a double occupancy hotel room at a Wyndham hotel will run about $250 - $500 (depending on whether you are traveling during high or low seasons). However, the Wyndham hotels in Puerto Rico usually occupy the finest beaches and offer the best amenities you will find in your Puerto Rico vacation search.

Who specializes in booking Puerto Rico travel?

Hook it & Book It: Booking Your Trip

While no agency can say they 'specialize' in Puerto Rico travel, you can certainly find agencies and agents that focus on Caribbean travel.

Large names such as American Express travel will give you anything you need at your fingertips, but will charge higher booking fees and offer less discounts on Puerto Rico vacation packages. Consider a smaller name specialist such as www.vacationoutlet.com where discounts flow and you still can keep that personal touch.

What are some travel tips for my Puerto Rico vacation?

Puerto Rico - An Easy American Vacation

Puerto Rico is one of the easiest locations to vacation if you are an American. Not only is it close in terms of distance, you don't need a passport or really anything more than your license and they use the US Dollar as their currency (even though they sometimes call them pesos).

There are 17 airports into Puerto Rico. When you choose your resort, try to pick an airport in close range to eliminate your taxi costs. Your estimated travel time from New York City is approximately three and a half hours and travel time from Europe is around eight hours. If you are in Miami, you have it easy—it is a quick two and a half hour plan ride!

*Puerto Rico is on AST (or Atlantic Standard Time) which is Eastern Standard time plus one hour.

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