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What should I pack on my Caribbean Vacation?

Packing for Caribbean Travel

If you've been planning your Caribbean getaway for a long time, don't let it be spoiled by being unprepared. There are several things you should bring so you don't get stuck paying tourist prices when you get there.

• Sunscreen –bring sunscreen in a couple of strengths (depending on whether you want to get a tan or not, and depending on how much time you plan to spend in the water). Remember that Water strengthens the strength of the sun, so protect yourself!

• Insect Repellant—tropical locations have plenty of mosquitoes, so bring your favored repellant. If you don't like Deet, or you have one brand that works best for you, bring that rather than being stuck with the selection they may (or may not) have on the island.

• Aloe—be prepared for the strong sunshine! Chances are you or someone with you is going to get sunburn. Bring aloe with you to soothe the savage burn!

*Be prepared, you don't want to get stuck paying a premium for things that you use in daily life.

Do I need a currency conversion for my Aruba vacation?

Caribbean Currency Conversions

The Aruban Floran is the currency of choice for your Aruba Vacation. The US dollar should convert for at least $1.50 Aruba Floran each. However, be sure to convert only what you plan to use.

*The Floran will not buy you much outside Aruba, so convert back before you leave the island. Also, keep in mind that the ATMs will dispense Floran currency if you need cash.

When does the price increase for high season at Aruba hotels?

The Highs and Lows of the Seasons

Aruba hotels, like most hotels around the world, will be more expensive during their high season. High season for Aruba is December 23-Arpil 1st, and low season is from April 2 - Dec 22nd.

*The increase will vary from hotel to hotel for your Aruba vacation during high season, but we have seen prices as much as 80% in plan accordingly.

Is it better to visit Aruba ala-carte or should I consider an Aruba all inclusive vacation?

Visiting Aruba on a Budget

Aruba is one place where you can visit cheaply, even with an Aruba all inclusive vacation. Commercials in 2004 advertised how a package deal to Aruba could be as cheap as $370 per person with airfare and hotel included.

*During low season, you can find deals even cheaper. If you travel during the high season you will be competing with crowds and therefore subjecting yourself to high rates. If possible, plan your trip during a low season and get great deals!

What are the logistical details of flying into Aruba?

Getting to Aruba

When you fly into Aruba you will be landing at Queen Beatrix International Airport. There are a variety of ways to get around the island and you can rent a motorcycle, scooter or car. There is also a departure tax from the Airport, around $36.50 (it should be included in the price of your plane ticket).

There is taxi service all over the island as well. One great travel tip - some web sites will tell you the average fare of your taxi ride from the airport to a given location. Additionally, your Aruba resort may have the typical fare (or better yet a free shuttle!)

With anything you do on your Aruba vacation, figure out what you should be paying and make sure that is what you pay! There are a lot of people out there who are waiting for an ignorant or naive tourist - don't be one!

Where can I find a timeshare in Aruba?

Why visit When You Can Live There…at Least Part-Time

A popular way to buy property in the Caribbean, especially Aruba, is a timeshare. A timeshare allows several people to purchase a home or apartment and have it safely managed and shared.

For the price you would spend on one week of a stay at good Aruba hotels, you could own a place to stay for two to four weeks per year...and own the appreciation price as the property gains value as well!

What are some big-name Aruba resort & casinos I should consider?

Big Names, Little Worry

Whether you are traveling to an Aruba resort or anywhere in the Caribbean, you can always count on certain brand name resorts. Aruba hotels and resorts boast names such as Wyndham, Hyatt, Radisson and Marriott (all big names in the service industry).

When you book with a big-name hotel chain, you can be assured the service quality will be similar to (if not better) than those names in the US. While you may find that these names may push the price of your Aruba vacation slightly higher, the extra offerings from each (such as beachfront access and stellar concierge service) will make the extra cost well worth it.

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