Taking the Kids to Puerto Rico

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How can I entertain my kids when I travel?

Taking the Kids to Puerto Rico

If you are taking the kids on your Puerto Rico vacation, make sure you bring a bag of goodies to entertain them. The long security lines and potential lay over down time, not to mention the time actually on the plane can be a complete pain if your kids get bored and impatient.

Babies are pretty easy, of course, you can just bring rattles, mirrors, or any of those awesome stuffed animals that have about a million things to pull, crinkle, and chew on.

Toddlers can be a bit more of a challenge, but just treat it as a *fun* challenge. Board and pop up books, color forms, magnetic puzzle,s and crayons and paper are all good ideas.

As your kids get older, you can get more and more advanced books and then activity books like simple crosswords or word finders.

If you want to make life super easy, try and book a flight on one of those airlines that has individual TV on every seat. You can watch cartoon network together, or a family movie and at least kill a little time—maybe even get your little one to sleep!



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