Packing for Caribbean Travel

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What should I pack on my Caribbean Vacation?

Packing for Caribbean Travel

If you've been planning your Caribbean getaway for a long time, don't let it be spoiled by being unprepared. There are several things you should bring so you don't get stuck paying tourist prices when you get there.

• Sunscreen –bring sunscreen in a couple of strengths (depending on whether you want to get a tan or not, and depending on how much time you plan to spend in the water). Remember that Water strengthens the strength of the sun, so protect yourself!

• Insect Repellant—tropical locations have plenty of mosquitoes, so bring your favored repellant. If you don't like Deet, or you have one brand that works best for you, bring that rather than being stuck with the selection they may (or may not) have on the island.

• Aloe—be prepared for the strong sunshine! Chances are you or someone with you is going to get sunburn. Bring aloe with you to soothe the savage burn!

*Be prepared, you don't want to get stuck paying a premium for things that you use in daily life.



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