What to See in Mexico

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What are some of the major tourist destinations in Mexico?

What to See in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country filled with a full gamut of things to do. When planning Mexico vacations, it is important to remember that this is no tiny Caribbean island you can see in a day or two- Mexico is HUGE.

First, decide on what kinds of things you are looking to do. If you are an archaeology buff, chances are you'll spend your time in a totally different spot than a scuba fan. Here are a few options:

• Some popular Mexico beach destinations include Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, or Isla Mujeres
• If you're into the city, Mexico City is the number one destination and offers ample shopping
• Architecture and history buffs love visiting the ruins at Cozumel or the beauty of Guadalajara and Hermosillo

It all comes down to your pre-planning and desires, so make sure to map out exactly what your interests are and THEN pick your destination.



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