Tips for Visiting Punta Cana Beach Resorts

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Traveling to on a Punta Cana beach vacation?

Tips for Visiting Punta Cana Beach Resorts

Ensure a smooth tropical gettaway by planning appropriately for your Punta Cana beach vacation. Here are the basics you need to know before traveling to the Dominican Republic.

  1. Travel any time. Punta Cana resorts are the most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic. Located on the easternmost tip of the country, the white sandy beaches draw tourists from around the world. Even during peak season, the expansive beaches leave room for everyone. The weather remains mild year round, but you should pay attention to forecasts during the hurricane season.
  2. Save money with Punta Cana packages. Look for Punta Cana all-inclusive resorts and packages that allow you to save money on your flight when you book everything together. Before you leave, be sure to inquire about any activities or tours with additional fees. If you have a basic game plan, you can budget ahead of time.
  3. Travel smart.
  • Be sure that every member of your party has a valid passport.
  • The US dollar is accepted almost everywhere.
  • Have small amounts of cash on hand for tips, which are encouraged.
  • Use sunscreen liberally, and drink plenty of bottled water during the day.
  • Be aware that the drinking age is 18 in the Dominican Republic.
  • The language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Brush up on a few key phrases.



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