Bahamas Vacation Guide: Island Facts

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Bahamas Vacation Guide: Island Facts

Did you know that the Bahamas consists of 29 individual islands? Discover some fun facts before traveling to this beautiful island nation.

Many guests travel to Bahamas resorts, which line the beautiful beaches. Whether travelers are interested in casinos or sports, it’s easy to find the right resort.

Most travelers heading on a Bahamas vacation visit Nassau or Freeport. The famous family-friendly resort Atlantis is located in Nassau while gaming destination Pelican Bay Resort is located in Freeport.

The weather is subtropical and warm in the Bahamas. Expect weather similar to that found in South Florida. While temperatures can get chilly in the heart of winter, it’s generally very mild and pleasant. Keep abreast of hurricane warnings when traveling in the summer.

English is spoken in the Bahamas. The unit of currency is the Bahamian dollar, but you can generally use US dollars for most shopping.

Popular activities in the Bahamas include golf and fishing. Thanks to the crystal blue waters and natural reefs, this is a premiere scuba and snorkeling destination. You can see about 200 feet in the water!

Many public events and festivals take place in the Bahamas. Catch the Eleuthera Pineapple Festival in June, Independence Week in July and the Cat Island Regatta in August.



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