Tips for Beach Vacations with Kids

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Tips for Beach Vacations with Kids

Kids need a little extra TLC when it comes to vacationing at the beach. Here are some tips for packing for fun and safe beach vacations:

Buy toys at your destination. Don’t bother packing lots of toys. Hit a store to pick up some basic beach toys. Kids won’t need much more than a shovel, bucket and basic raft. Many resorts provide rafts and others even provide toys.

Bring your own sunscreen. These days, parents need to be extra aware of the ingredients in sunscreen. If your child’s skin is sensitive or you have particular needs, bring your own sunscreen. You may not have access to your favorite brands at your destination.

Keep water around all day. Try bringing reusable water containers for your kids. Let them pick their own to help make the water seem more fun. Refill all day long. If you’re staying at a resort, just ask your beach server to bring ice water to refill the container for the kids.

Take breaks inside. Even with lots of water and sunscreen, kids need a break from the sun. Take a small break for napping, hanging out in the shade or eating inside. It’ll give all of you more energy to enjoy the rest of the evening.



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