Four Tips for Romantic Getaways

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Four Tips for Romantic Getaways

When looking for the perfect vacation destination, many couples choose the Caribbean for romantic getaways. Thanks to warm weather, skimpy bathing suits, and plenty of tropical cocktails, the Caribbean has the right recipe for romance. Here are five tips for making the most of a romantic getaway:

  1. Pack several bathing suits. If you’ve ever slipped into a damp, chilly bathing suit, you know that the sensation is pretty much the opposite of romance. Bring several suits so you always have something dry and sexy to hit the beach in.
  2. Bring headache medicine. Don’t let common aches and pains ruin a perfectly good tropical afternoon. Bring along basics like aspirin to ward off headaches or give you a little boost after a night of overindulgence.
  3. Stay at a resort. Get pampered on your romantic getaway by staying at a resort, where you can book couples massages, candlelit dinners, and private cabanas on the beach. It’s all about atmosphere, and most Caribbean resorts plan every little detail around inspiring romance and relaxation.
  4. Don’t overdo it. Know your limits when it comes to eating, drinking, and sports. An injury, fatigue, or sunburn will really put a damper on romance. It’s okay to let loose and try new things as long as you’re aware of when you’re pushing it. Remember, romance can be as simple as a quiet place to share some intimate time together.



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