The Best Places to Take an All Inclusive Vacation

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The Best Places to Take an All Inclusive Vacation

When planning a big vacation, it often pays off to go with an all inclusive resort. These types of properties charge a flat rate that includes food and drinks, activities, and oftentimes airfare and transportation. While the price tag might seem steep up front, it actually saves you a significant amount of money. Many all inclusive resorts offer gourmet dining options and great drinks.

Read reviews and check out photos before you book. Each resort has a unique feel. Here are some popular options for an all inclusive vacation:

Traveling with kids?
Try Beaches in Jamaica. This all inclusive is well-known for fabulous kids activities. Parents can enjoy the adult pools, bars, and beach activities while the kids are supervised in a fun and safe atmosphere.

Traveling as a couple?
Sandals resorts cater to adults only, giving couples the perfect getaway opportunity. With a focus on luxury and relaxation, these all inclusive resorts inspire romance. Enjoy scheduled events in the evenings and premiere service throughout the stay.

Traveling with singles?
Temptations Resort and Spa in Cancun invites adult singles and couples to experience the Caribbean in a vibrant, exciting way. Thanks to topless sunbathing, group activities and live entertainment, this resort offers adults the chance to vacation in an electric atmosphere.



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