All Inclusive Resorts: Childcare Tips

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All Inclusive Resorts: Childcare Tips

Some parents experience a little anxiety when it comes to leaving children with childcare services at all inclusive resorts. Here are some tips to get past that initial worry.

  1. Remember, these people are professionals. All inclusive resorts hire child care staffers with experience and training. They will focus entirely on showing your children a great time in a safe environment.
  2. Tour the facilities when you get there. Ask the front desk to take you on a quick tour of the childcare areas and teen lounges. You’ll get a good feel for what your kids will be up to while in the kid’s clubs.
  3. Ask plenty of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have. Find out the names of the staff members who will be with your kids. Ask about daily activities and snacks.
  4. Follow the directions. If you need to be in a certain place at a certain time, particularly to pick your child up, heed those directions. It helps things run smoothly for everyone.
  5. Share any special needs. Does your child have special dietary needs or health issues? Share those facts with the child care staffers, and make sure you’re speaking to a manager. It may also help to send your child with an alert bracelet or sticker on his or her clothing.

Finally, relax! Enjoy your Caribbean vacation.



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