Sample Some Local Caribbean Flavors

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Sample Some Local Caribbean Flavors

Caribbean food is influenced by cuisine from around the world. Because it served as a trade hub, the local food developed flavors from countries like France, China, Spain, Africa and India. Ready to taste the local flavors? Here are some unforgettable dishes to sample on your Caribbean vacation:

  • Jerk: Jerk is a Jamaican spice mix used to season proteins like chicken, goat or pork. It’s a type of dry rub. The sweet and spicy taste comes from a mixture of warm savory spices and some serious peppers. Almost any restaurant or food stand in Jamaica will serve a type of this delicious seasoned meal.
  • Conch: If you love escargot, you’ll love conch. These sea snails are used widely in Caribbean cuisine, in everything from Key West’s famous fritters to stews in the Bahamas. Don’t be put off by the snail aspect. Conch meat is tender and mild. For a variety of tastes, try heading on your Caribbean vacation during a local conch festival.
  • Tropical Fruits: Take advantage of all the fresh, unique fruit you’ll encounter on a Caribbean vacation. Bananas, coconut, pineapple, papaya, citrus, avocado and soursop are just some of the fruits you can enjoy in salads, desserts and tropical drinks.



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