Mexico Vacation Shopping Tips

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Mexico Vacation Shopping Tips

Mexico attracts vacationers who want to relax and enjoy amazing weather, food and tropical drinks. Mexico also attracts shoppers looking for great deals and hand crafted art and jewelry. Here are some shopping tips for your Mexico vacation:

  • Pay attention to quality: If the pair of sunglasses you’re checking out are absurdly cheap, chances are they’re fake. Instead of shopping for name brand items in Mexico, spend your money on hand crafted jewelry and local art.
  • Be ready to haggle: Unless you’re in a normal department store, the prices listed aren’t the prices you’re expected to pay. Haggling on a Mexico vacation isn’t rude. If you’re nervous, linger around and listen to what other shoppers are saying. If you try the “I only have ten dollars” method, remember not to open your wallet in front of shopkeepers if you’re carrying an obvious amount of cash.
  • Buy gifts for your friends: Mexico is a great place to pick up inexpensive souvenirs. Pick up small gifts as thank you items for your house sitter or pet sitter, for your kid’s teachers or for family members. Avoid cliché gifts like shot classes and go for something unique and hand made like a carving, piece of silver jewelry or wrap.



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