The Top 3 Things to Know About the Bahamas

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The Top 3 Things to Know About the Bahamas

If you’re planning on taking a Bahamas vacation, it’s important that you know a few things before you arrive. A failure to do so won’t exactly get you into trouble with anyone, but it can make you look a bit foolish.

  1. The official language is British English. Keep this in mind before you approach a local and offend them by asking “Do you speak English?”
  2. Traffic directions are opposite of the U.S. Just like in the United Kingdom, vehicles drive on the left side of the road. Bear this in mind before you rent a car and pull out into oncoming traffic – talk about a quick, dangerous way to ruin your vacation.
  3. Pack light clothing. If you plan on taking a vacation to the Bahamas during winter, remember that the average temperature there only dips down into the mid-70s. In other words, leave your jackets and leg warmers at home – they’ll only be dead weight.



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