Deciding When to Take Your Caribbean Vacation

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Deciding When to Take Your Caribbean Vacation

If you’re able to afford the luxury of deciding when you’ll take that long dreamed of Caribbean vacation, the time of year you go could save you lots of money. But it could also put you in the path of some less than desirable weather.

The cheapest time to take a Caribbean vacation is during the off season, naturally. You can expect to save anywhere from 30 to 60 percent off what you’d normally pay during peak season. But there are also inherent risks. Hurricane season runs June through November and although you can get expensive hotels for dirt cheap, you have to balance it out with the risks of getting caught up in Mother Nature’s wrath. Traveling to the Caribbean during the off season, you may also find yourself staying at a hotel undergoing renovation in anticipation for the return of peak season.

Peak season runs from the middle of December to the middle of April, when the weather’s warmest, and as you’d guess, both flight and hotel fees during this time are at their all-year high. Obviously if money’s no object, plan on vacationing during this time of year. But if you’ve always wanted a Caribbean vacation and have limited funds, you could realize your dream without having to dip too deep into savings.



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