Mayan Riviera Beach Vacations: From Touristy to Off the Beaten Path

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Mayan Riviera Beach Vacations: From Touristy to Off the Beaten Path

There are many people whose only exposure to Mexico has been what they’ve seen on TV, or maybe during a day trip across the border into Tijuana. If this is the extent of your experience, the next time you consider where you want to go on vacation give serious thought to any number of Mexico beach vacations on the Mayan Riviera. They will expose you to some of the richer culture that our southern neighbors have to offer.

There are quite a few types of vacationers in the world, but most can be divided up into two categories: those interested in a touristy experience, and those not. A Mexico beach vacation can be all of the above, or neither, depending on what direction you opt to take. For a traditional beach vacation, consider booking an all inclusive resort on Mexico’s east coast in the Mayan Riviera. If what you’re looking for is something less traditional, seek out some of the hotels that exist more inland and off the beaten path. In either case, since the U.S. dollar goes a long way in Mexico you’re practically guaranteed to find incredible rates even for high end lodgings.



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