Making Your Cancun Hotel Choice

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Where are the best Cancun hotels on the beaches located?

Making Your Cancun Hotel Choice

The best way to gauge Cancun hotels is by where they are and what they offer. A trip to Cancun means sun and fun with lots of beaches and water activities, so making sure your hotel is on the finest beaches and has a lot of amenities is critical to your Cancun vacation planning.

There is actually an area designated the 'Cancun Hotel Zone'. Choosing a hotel in this area is a sure-fire way to ensure a good trip. With literally 100+ hotels to choose from, your selection will come down to two things:

• What you want to do?
• How much you want to pay?

For example, Krystal is one of the finest hotels on the Cancun beach. Not only do they offer some of the finest amenities in their 325 room luxury building on the beach, but also practically every water activity you can think of. However, their price is steep for some folks (at $155 per night with most features coming ala-carte). Booking rooms here will be pushing a day's cost to well above $350 per person.

*Usually, if you are looking to hit that sweet-spot of decent price and tons-to-do, Cancun resort destinations are a viable option.



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