Making the Choice Between a Resort or a Hotel

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Should I choose to stay at Turks and Caicos resorts or at a hotel?

Making the Choice Between a Resort or a Hotel

The Turks and Caicos resorts are some of the finest in the world (the hotels are definitely not too shabby either). Are you wondering how to make the choice between a resort and a hotel? Well, it all depends on how you like to travel. For some folks who prefer to travel out around all day and mainly use their accommodations just for sleeping, a hotel usually will fit the bill.

If you want the 'special touches' of a vacation (such as fine dining) and want to spend more time on the beach, the choice of a resort is usually the correct one. Basically, the difference is in the service level. A hotel on the Turks and Caicos islands will serve most people just fine, but a resort lives and dies by the quality of services and amenities. Resorts will usually offer on-site activities that keep their guests so busy they only have to go off-grounds when they *want* to venture around and sightsee, not when they want to go to the beach or rent water sport equipment.

*Search around online on sites such as or and compare the benefits of each before making your decision.



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