Stay in the Water: Water Activities in the Caymans

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What water sports are available in the Cayman Islands?

Stay in the Water: Water Activities in the Caymans

The Cayman Islands are comprised of three main islands:

• Grand Cayman
• Cayman Brac
• Little Cayman

One of the main tourist draws for the Caymans is its world-renowned diving on some of the most well-preserved coral reefs. However, the water sports don't end there. The Caymans offer everything from windsurfing, water skiing, and sailing to banana boat rides.

These islands even offer submarine tours of the area, with each mini-sub taking anywhere from 30-45 passengers for an underwater exploration of the islands richest treasure: its underwater marine life. With this, you can enjoy all the beauty of the Cayman Islands undersea adventure without even getting wet!



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