Footloose and Fancy Free?

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How can I get a discount Caribbean vacation?

Footloose and Fancy Free?

If you are young and single or married and without kids, or even if you have kids you can safely leave with family or friends, another fun way to enjoy discount travel is to grab a last minute vacation deal for a quick weekend in the Caribbean.

Check your local papers and troll the cheap vacation websites for discount package offers mid-season. You may be limited on issues like flight times and hotel options, but for these prices, who cares?

Fun is what you make it! Just be careful and pack carefully for these expeditions. Bring your beach reading and your sunscreen. Also, don't expect a lot of freebies in terms of activities. These hotels have to make their profit somewhere, and if they can entice you to take out a jet ski or go parasailing off their beach, so much the better for them.

Plan your weekend budget and stick to it, or take advantage of the travel price break and spend that extra money on getting braided cornrows, duty free jewelry, and catamaran snorkeling trips!



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