The Basics

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How long does it take to get to Barbados? What currency do they use?

The Basics

When you are planning your Barbados vacation, you will need to know not only the name of your resort, but you'll also want to know your travel time, the distance between your resort and the airport, and other logistical information that will help you plan. You don't want to be without cash and in need of a cab!

If you are coming from Miami to Barbados, it's a quick three and a half hour flight, Los Angeles is around nine hours away by plane, and London is about 7 hours. You will fly into Barbados International Airport, also known as Grantley Adams and it is about 8 miles from Bridgetown. Most resorts will probably help you with airport transport, but if you are in independent traveler, you'll want to know details like this!

There is an airport bus and a taxi service at the airport. Remember, they do charge a departure tax, so use the bank at the airport to exchange enough currency for your taxi ride or bus fare (the departure tax is about 25 Barbados Dollars).

You can get Barbados dollars at the airport. The Barbados dollar is fixed at the rate of $1.98 BDS to $1.00 US. US Dollars are accepted all over the island so if you are American, you are probably all set - but if you are coming from anywhere else, change your money over at the airport for some traveling cash.



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