Weddings in the Virgin Islands

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Weddings in the Virgin Islands

Getting married in the US Virgin Islands is a breeze, and a beautiful tropical one at that.
You don't need a blood test and all you need to do for paperwork is fill out a two page form, pay a $50.00 fee, and wait eight days (a posting period). If you use a wedding coordinator, you won't have to wait the 8 days on the island - they can file the paperwork for you and you can get married when you arrive.

Whenever you are planning a destination wedding, you want to consider using a service or a wedding coordinator because planning a wedding remotely by yourself can be nearly impossible. Smaller ceremonies are much easier, of course, but if you are coordinating more than 10 people for your Caribbean wedding, do yourself a favor, and hire a coordinator to help.

Once that is complete, the sky is the limit in terms of the where and the how of your topical nuptuals. Consider a yacht or chapel, the beach at sunset, or a botanical garden! Then, commence your Virgin Islands vacation as a married couple.

Consider getting married on one island and vacationing on another—two weeks in the same place can get a bit wearing unless you are really good at sitting on the beach and chilling out with a fruity drink!!



12/30/2006 11:12:05 AM
Debbie said:

I live on St. John, and it has SPECTACULAR places to host weddings. More than half the island is a US National Park, so it's very untouched, and the beaches at sunset...ahhhh!


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